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New York, NY (April 13, 2022): Today, Venezuelan artist Yarge released her latest single and music video, “El Vuelo,” a smooth melodic song about being in a long distance relationship.

A seamless blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop, “El Vuelo” showcases Yarge’s effortless vocals and relatable lyrics. “El Vuelo” is a story of two lovers who have been separated due to living conditions, and captures the feeling of wanting to take a flight to see someone you love. 

Yarge sings, “y que lo malo quede atrás // ya no hay que sufrir // nos vamos a querer y nos vamos a ver // imagina que pase así”, asking to leave the bad and suffering behind and imagine being together. 

The music video was filmed in Caracas, Venezuela and further elaborates on the story of wanting to be with someone but not being in the same place. The video is xxx with images of Yarge and her lover FaceTiming and wishing they were together. 

For me El Vuelo is so special because of its lyrics and its rhythm. Since we started producing the song I really wanted to give it that R&B vibe and as we progressed with the beat we added hip hop and a small Reggaeton part.” 

Yarge is the first Latin female to sign with United Masters and her first single with United Masters, “mas de mi,” gained over 300k views in the first two weeks of the release. 

Yarge began by releasing covers on social media, one of those covers being “Dile A El” by Rauw Alejandro, who showed his support. Yarge’s first single “PICK UP” featuring Ramon Vega with 100K+ views and multiple viral videos on TikTok with 800K+ views contributed to her success on Tik-Tok with over 141K subscribers — and growing. 

About Yarge:

Yarge, is a singer songwriter born on April 13 2005 in Punto Fijo, Venezuela. From a really young age her parents pushed her into trying different sides of the art world, however her voice left everyone in the family speechless. 2017, Yarge started releasing small covers on social media, giving her the opportunity to expand and start creating a following of her own path, one of those covers being “Dile A El” by Rauw Alejandro, who showed his support for Yarge on the cover and how much he loved it. Yarge is currently working on new music with her brother that will be released on the UnitedMasters Team.

About UnitedMasters:

As a new industry alternative for independent artists, UnitedMasters provides premium music distribution services, record label services,  and facilitates unique partnerships between artists and  the world’s biggest brands.

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