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With millions of followers on TikTok and thousands on Instagram, it is safe to say that K1ngBert0(Roberto de Gouveia) and Chané Grobler know how to keep fans entertained.


As a couple, they have always been very open about their relationship and it, therefore, comes as no surprize that K1ngBert0 decided to share his surprise for Chané with the world in a very touching video.


He recently swept Chané off her feet by surprizing her with a beautiful promise ring to affirm his love and commitment to their relationship. “Chané is the most incredible woman I know, and I’ve told her many times that she is the woman I’ve been looking for and that I’m going to marry her someday. This was just a symbol of that promise that she can keep on her and hopefully make her smile when I’m not around,” he shares about the reason behind this romantic gesture.


Chané, who didn’t suspect a thing, was absolutely thrilled with this special gift. “It meant the world to me, because it shows that he is just as committed to me as I am to him and that he means it when he says he wants to be with me till the end. It just showed me that his love is truly real,” she shares.


To make things even more special, K1ngBert0 chose a ring with a unique Moissanite Stone from www.southernstargems.com  “I heard about these stones and when I started doing research, I discovered they are not only brighter than other gemstones, but environmentally friendly too,” he explains.


Because the process of creating a Moissanite is lab based, there are no mines polluting the air or by-products being pumped into the rivers. These stones are also a much more affordable option. 


According to Chané, she loves the fact that the ring is not too big and flashy. “I love gold jewellery, because it is elegant and sophisticated. This ring is beautiful, and I love the fact that it is small and dainty because it reflects my personality.”


Chané is a twenty-year-old award-winning content creator, brand ambassador and social media influencer with more than 2.4 million followers on TikTok (@chanegrobler) and close to 96 000 on Instagram (chane_grobler18). She is currently one of the most popular TikTok influencers in the country. 


K1ngBert0 (26) boasts 1.1 million followers (#TheRoyals) on TikTok (@k1ngbert0) and close to 47 000 followers on Instagram (@k1ngbert0). He is a kind-hearted and down-to-earth content creator and brand ambassador who has worked with major companies, locally and abroad.


Both of them are constantly busy improving themselves and want to inspire their followers to lead happy and healthy lives.


To see Chané’s priceless reaction to K1ngBert0’s surprise, click on this link:  https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJWNhtd7/




Chané Grobler


Instagram: @chane_grobler18





Instagram: @k1ngbert0

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCEmE0tU9PLxjdjp-mCBcN6Q / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_4GxvTFbICFEASZkFPAubw


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