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Anne-Marie van Eeden has one of those remarkable voices that captivates you when hearing it for the first time.

Over the years, the singer-songwriter who currently resides in Switzerland, has become known for her soulful music and fans will be happy to know that the first single from her fifth and upcoming album, have just been released!

WYS MY DIE PLEK is an emotional ballad about longing for lost love. The poem, written by C. Louis Leipoldt, was transformed into a beautiful song by the artist herself and Helmut Meijer.

“This poem has always spoken to me on a personal level, and I have been wanting to turn it into a song for a long time,” she shares. “I went through a very difficult and painful time when my own marriage ended. Therefore, I believe that the song will resonate with anyone who has ever experienced loss or pain. It has a simple nostalgic melody that stays with you long after the song stopped playing.”

Anne-Marie is very excited about the music video for Wys My Die Plek, which is about seeking and leaning towards love and previous life experiences, now only a distant memory.

“I currently reside in Switzerland and is surrounded by the most beautiful historic buildings. The century old bumpy walkways of stone and massive cathedrals may capture the memories that I lean to. Everything still looks the same… just like when we were there together way back then… only, you’re not present,” explains the artist about the meaning of the video.

The beautiful music video was filmed in Anne-Marie’s hometown Montreux, at a beautiful old Chapel overlooking the silver lake.

The visuals take the viewer to the heart of Europe while the words of Louis Leipoldt echo in Afrikaans, my native tongue,” she says.

Chantelle Flores, a phenominal videographer from Kzara Visuals, based in Zurich, produced the video while Tania Thompson, based in Montreux, Switzerland, was responsible for style and make-up.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/_SFhGiRxfQ0

“The lyrics speaks to everyone treasuring memories of lost love. This is very close to my heart, because of my own life story,” Anne-Marie ads.

The South African singer-songwriter released her debut solo album Kyk Op in 2003. Although she has released a string of albums, won two Lier Awards (2008) and has been nominated for a Ghoema (2017), she says that the highlight of her musical journey is the feedback she receives from people whose lives she has touched through her inspiring music.

Anne-Marie, who grew up in Pretoria is not only a singer-songwriter, but also a mother (and grandmother), teacher, choir director and she has founded two children’s choirs abroad.  She is also a member of the women’s ministry KeeperSoul.

Her music can be labelled as world music – a unique crossover between classical, jazz and folk sounds. While she writes her own music lyrics, in Afrikaans and English, she is also known for her skilful and fresh approach to setting the poetry of beloved South African and other poets to music.

Her style has largely been influenced by artists such as Sting, Queen, Billy Joel, and Diana Krall, says Anne-Marie, but she enjoys listening to jazz and classical music, as well as Latin-American rhythms at home. “I love dancing to the latter with my dog – when no-one is watching, of course!”

She is currently finalizing her upcoming album with Helmut Meijer and plans to perform in South Africa as part of a promotional tour early next year. She is also working on an exciting project with two fellow South Africans. “After realising how many South African artists reside in Switzerland and across Europe, we came up with the idea of hosting a SwissAfrican festival. Our initial goal is to involve expat artists, but eventually we would love to invite artists from South Africa to participate. Watch this space!”

Anne-Marie is well-known for her unconventional approach to music, with WYS MY DIE PLEK following suit.

Wys my die plek is available for download from: https://AnneMarieVanEeden.lnk.to/wysmydieplek


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annemarie.vaneeden.5,  https://www.facebook.com/AnneMarievanEedenVerhaal

Instagram: @annemarievaneeden 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/songave/featured

Website: www.annemarievaneeden.com

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