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During challenging times, when we are faced with tough decisions or when our troubles seem insurmountable, it is easy to wonder about God’s purpose for us and to question His plan. But a brand-new single is reminding us to walk by faith.

PRAY, the third single by singer-songwriter Sharine Barnard, is about having unconditional faith in God’s plan for our lives. “Sometimes we have a vision for our lives which does not necessarily equate to God’s plan for us, and we often live in fear because of big decisions we need to make,” says Sharine. PRAY assures us of God’s love and offers us peace of mind. It tells us not to fear the future because He is walking ahead of us and all we need to do is believe.”

The song came to Sharine in a dream. “In my dream I was standing in front of a large crowd who came together in praise and worship, and I was singing PRAY. I woke up, jotted down the notes and lyrics on my phone, and went back to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, I made some coffee and as always settled in front of the piano while everyone was still asleep. The song simply flowed out and it was perfect. It was a scripture given to me in answer to my worries; it made me calm and I realised that everything was going to be okay.”

Written and composed by Sharine and produced by André de Jager of 2 Tone Records, the Cristian-Pop song is unlike her previous releases. “All my songs tell a story and are carefully crafted, not just in terms of the story, but also the format and instruments used. But of all the songs I have written, PRAY is my favourite,” she shares. “During these challenging times I think people are hungry for hope, and this song offers comfort and assurance that everything is going to be okay. Whatever your situation, wherever you are in the world, and whatever challenges you face, there is always hope.”

The music video for PRAY, filmed at 2 Tone Studio by Belinda de Jager, portrays Sharine’s daily life. “I didn’t want to pretend to be something I am not, so the video reflects exactly who I am. It offers a glimpse into my life – unglamourous in boots and khakis, feeding lions and wild cats and getting covered in mud and slobber. My days are packed and there is no time for pretence. What you see, is who I am.”

The message she wants to convey through the video is to be unapologetically yourself. “I realise that there are many people just like me who put immense pressure on themselves to ensure that everything in their lives is running perfectly despite feeling overwhelmed sometimes. We fear that everything will come tumbling down if we relax or make the wrong decision. But fear steals our joy and inner peace. We should stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Instead, we should have faith like children.”

She adds: “People today, especially the youth, are under so much pressure to be perfect. The lengths they go to appear flawless on social media is astounding! This video tells people that it is perfectly okay to be your imperfect self.”

Watch the music video herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=patuxOPAQLk

Sharine was born and raised in Jan Kempdorp, where she spent a carefree childhood. It was during her school years that she was inspired by her music teacher, who shared her passion for music and who encouraged her to express that passion.

Although she has always loved music, it has not been the core focus of her life – she has spent the past 20 years raising children, creating a safe haven for lions and building various businesses. This changed during lockdown when the mother of four finally had time to sit down and take stock. She started writing about life and love, and soon there was no stopping her.

“Many people understand that feeling of trying to be everything for everyone all the time. But losing my father made me realise that we only have one life and that we need to live it fully and passionately. We must make time for the things that are important to us and the things we enjoy.”

She is inspired by life and all its facets – love, joy, and success, but also disappointment and despair. “There is a place and time for everything. We may go through different experiences and emotions at different times in our lives, but whatever we are going through, music is always there.”

In addition to her love for music, Sharine, who is the co-owner of Bagamoya Wildlife Estate, is passionate about animals. Her father was a crop farmer, who also farmed cattle and she was forever rescuing birds and monkeys as a child. However, she never thought she would get to work with lions and tigers. “Once you get to know these amazing animals you want to take care of them for the rest of your life. Like children, they each have a unique personality. If you offer respect, love, time, attention, patience, and discipline, that is what you receive in return,” she says.

Sharine is also extremely enthusiastic about sport and health and has Springbok Colours in athletics and more. A keen biathlete and triathlete, she lives a very active lifestyle and is co-owner of an Ozone Therapy clinic, Ozone Clinic, that helps people be healthier. On weekends she works as chef in her own restaurant.

A firm believer in the idea that music can change the world, the singer-songwriter says that she only has one goal with PRAY“I want to share a message of hope and reassurance to anyone and everyone. Everything will be okay. You will be okay.”

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