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Sanet Lambrechts’s new single will exceed all expectations

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She’s won three ATKV Awards, released four successful albums, had hits on South African, Namibian, Japanese and American radio stations and created the theme song for the kykNET series, Sing in Harmonie.  Sanet Lambrechts is a seasoned singer-songwriter from Namibia who has been working in the Afrikaans music industry since 2013.

Her main goal is to reach as many people as possible with her music and she has just released a brand-new single that promises to exceed everyone’s expectations!

Written by Julanie J, BINNE EN BUITE is about how people isolate themselves from others by not being themselves. “Sometimes you isolate yourself from people because you are afraid to show who you are, and other times you are amazed about what you can discover about someone without even talking to them,” the singer explains. “I asked Julanie J to write a song about this and was very impressed with what she came up with.”

This pop song was produced by Gideon Botes and boasts a catchy tune and meaningful lyrics that will appeal to listeners of all ages.

Sanet also had a captivating music video filmed for Binne en Buite, directed and edited by Ben van der Walt (Bosman Films), who has just completed his first feature fim called Woestynpsalms. The music video was filmed at Die Tannery, somewhere between Windhoek and Elisenheim. 

“The video was shot in a warehouse and boasts scenes of people in different settings. Sometimes they show who they are and sometimes they keep to themselves. We filmed in the evening and clever lighting techniques were used to create contrast between people’s inner and outer selves,” the forty-six-year-old musician explains. “Sometimes we feel lonely, regardless of the people around us. We do not always show our true colours, because we may not really know each other. Sometimes, however, you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of who someone is without them saying a word.” 

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/6sd-xfx4BME

BINNE EN BUITE follows in the footsteps of three 2020 releases; Sien Jy NieAlles Wat Jy Isand Hemelse Vader which were all well received and features on her latest digital album, Alles Wat Jy Is.

For Sanet, who grew up on a farm in Gobabis, singing is like breathing. She has been passionate about music since she was a little girl and started taking lessons from a young age. She has also been a backup vocalist for many big stars who performed in Namibia like Bles Bridges, Manuel Escorio, Ronnie Belcher, Hessel van der Waldt and more.

In addition to various music qualifications from Unisa and Trinity College, she also has degrees in Afrikaans and Psychology, as well as a teaching diploma.

After school, she joined M Factor, a popular music group in Windhoek, and also worked as a music teacher to make a living.

Sanet describes herself as a spiritual and secular singer with a strong voice that works well for pop music. She has great admiration for musicians who are unique and creative like Riana Nel, Theuns Jordaan, Karen Zoid, Steve Hofmeyr, Amanda Strydom and Anna Davel and would also love to work with the likes of Joshua na die Reen, Len Muller, Janie Bay and Die Heuwels Fantasties someday.

Over the years, she has achieved numerous career highlights, including two ATKV Award-winning albums (Rooi Kalaharisand andDorsland), several music award nominations and numerous radio hits locally and overseas. She was also named the Namibian Women’s Association’s Artist of the Year in 2020 and has had the privilege of sharing the stage with big names, including Lianie May, Theuns Jordaan, Elvis Blue, Nianell, Loyiso, Gerhard Steyn, Louis Brits and more.

She is humble and grateful and to keep on singing no matter what. “I feel blessed and grateful for everything I have achieved in my career, and I am excited about the future,” she shares.

The artist currently lives on a farm just outside of Windhoek and enjoys working on her music and preparing for live performances. She still has many tricks up her sleeve, including a short film project for VIA. 

With BINNE EN BUITE she once again shows why she is an artist to be reckoned with in the Afrikaans music industry. 

The song is available on all digital platforms. Download it here:


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