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Rediscover Your Self-confidence with ROLENE STRAUSS

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Seven Steps to a New You

Do you struggle with self-confidence? Are you constantly comparing yourself to the world’s version of perfect? Does your current level of self-confidence jeopardize your ability to reach your goals and be successful?

You are not alone. Surprisingly some of the smartest and most beautiful women in the world struggle with low self-confidence. In this book Rolene Strauss shares her personal journey of how she battled with insecurities and body image issues since she was a teenager, and even while wearing the Miss World crown.

After completing her master’s degree in coaching and countless hours of coaching sessions with women who struggled with low self-confidence, Rolene has gathered valuable insights on how to build self-confidence in an achievable and sustainable way.

Rediscover Your Self-confidence is the ultimate guide with seven tried and tested steps for women who want the courage and confidence to fearlessly chase their dreams.

About the author

Rolene Strauss is a transformational coach, Miss World 2014, graduated medical doctor, author, international speaker, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two boys. She has encouraged thousands of women around the world to say NO to perfection, comparison and low self-confidence, and YES to self-worth, courage, happiness and success.

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