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“I wrote this song for Theuns Jordaan, who was a great mentor in my life. Unfortunately, he did not get the chance to record it. Last year, before his passing, I decided to record it myself and I am excited to share it with fans. If you listen carefully, you will hear his sound in the song,”reveals SAMA acclaimed musician and songwriter, Ray Dylan, about his latest single, which has just been released and is already spreading like wildfire.

VIR EENS IN MY LEWE is an Afrikaans pop song from his own pen that emphasizes how important it is to have love and stability in your life. A theme that is definitely relevant in the month of love and romance.

“The song is about a person who has found a definite direction in their life. We all go through difficult times at some point in our lives and this song is about finding direction and resolution when that happens,” he explains. “I am always inspired by my own experiences and for once in my life I know who I am.”

The music video was filmed at the Photo Factory in Boksburg and was produced by Vonk Musiek and CoolerBox Brothers.

“The venue boasts a variety of sets in one location, which made our lives a lot easier. We only had to walk about 100m to get to the next set,” the producers explain about their choice of venue.

After consulting with Ray, the team decided on a performance video that allows fans to sit back and enjoy the video or dance along to the catchy tune.

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/eT2MV9ENPNg

VIR EENS IN MY LEWE follows in the footsteps of Laaste Groet, which is still charting on several local radio stations, as well as By Jou Voete Lê, which has become quite popular on the dance floor over the past few months.

Ray has been working in the music industry for the past three decades and is best-known for hits like Hokaai Stoppie Lorrie, Dis Verby, Jessica, Hier binne klop ’n Boerehart, Angel-face, You’re My Everything, Vir Ewig Jonk, Uitbasuin, Hier Teen Jou Lyf and more.

He made his debut when he started performing with Bles Bridges at the age of twelve and has since mastered the art of speaking to fans’ hearts. Over the years, he has released several gold and double platinum albums and singles.   

He is currently working on two new albums and enjoys being back on stage after lockdown.

VIR EENS IN MY LEWE is a powerful track that combines the sound of two popular artists and stays with you long after hearing it for the first time. It invites you to sing along and reminds you that life works out the way it is supposed to.  

Download it herehttps://linktr.ee/raydylan


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/raydylan

Instagram – @raydylanmusic

Website – www.ray-dylan.co.za

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