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Demonic Opens in local cinemas this weekend!

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The new Neill Blomkamp horror, DEMONIC, will have you on the edge of your seat from the start to the finish.  This film with its high-tech twist will open in local cinemas nationwide this Friday, 19 November 2021!

The idea for the film was influenced by a combination of things, says Blomkamp: ““When the pandemic occurred and my other projects were put on hold, I wanted to do something we could control and just go out and shoot, so I decided to do something in the horror realm. I also had this idea of using a new technology called volumetric capture, which lends itself more to science fiction. So, it became a case of how to create a story with those elements.”

DEMONIC unpicks the troubled relationship between a daughter and her convict mother, after a medical tech firm instigates an unusual reunion.

When Carly (Carly Pope) learns that her estranged mother Angela (Nathalie Boltt), a convicted mass murderer, has fallen into a coma, she reluctantly agrees to take part in a cutting-edge therapy that will allow her to tap into her mother’s still-active brain and communicate with her. Of course, this journey is preceded by warnings as to what might happen if memories slip out of sync.

Observed by two experts, physician Michael (Michael J. Rogers) and neuroscientist Daniel (Terry Chen), she enters an unsettling simulation of her comatose mother’s mindscape where inevitably, things don’t run as smoothly as hoped – Carly discovers the powerful supernatural force responsible for the unspeakable acts of violence committed by her mother two decades earlier.

Haunted by terrifying visions in the real world, Carly joins forces with an old friend (Chris William Martin). Carly’s character is easy to identify with as she struggles to process long-suppressed memories, while Martin is solid in his supporting role. They are joined by Kandyse McClure, who adds a little fun to the trio. 

Blomkamp worked closely with Director of Photography Byron Kopman to achieve the desired look of the film. “I hate how in a lot of horror films the dark environments feel overly lit and synthetic. So, the main discussion was about how much light we could work without for it to feel real. For instance, we have scenes that are illuminated only by car headlights or flashlights the actors are holding – none of this giant moonlight with smoke going through the air.”

DEMONIC is old-school possession meets modern technology and it is this South African writer-director’s first foray into the horror genre.  It offers an innovative mix of supernatural horror and science fiction andlocally distributed by Filmfinity Pty (Ltd.)

Watch the trailer here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYXLKC5xd7Q

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